BOBBY is back from San Antonio and what an adventure we had! Pictures and stories will be loading up soon but before that happens we have to mention our break down. After reaching the top of the Arbuckle mountains we blew a 6 inch hole in the radiator hose that sidelined us for a while. Some amazing people gave us help that will not be forgotten.

We wish to thank Jane and her daughters Valarie and Melanie for giving Brad a ride to Ardmore and shuttling him all over town (Jane stopped behind us when one of her children got car sick). Thanks, Jane!!

Emily Lee stopped to help also. Her husband had tickets to the Final Four and though Brad was already on his way to town she left us with her home number if there was anything else we needed. Thanks, Emily!

And then there's Ray! Ray took the phone call at Roberts Trucking well after they closed. Though they didn't have the exact hose we needed he brought out a couple different ones to see if he could get us on the road. Well, 2 hoses and 7 gallons of water later we were back on the road! You rock, Ray!!